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Time for Bed, Puppy

Time for Bed, Puppy

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Возраст: 2-4

Серия: Clever Big Kids


In this lighthearted and encouraging story, a young puppy is getting ready for bedtime! Like any toddler his age, Puppy has his own set of fears and worries about sleeping alone in his new, big kid bed. But in this stepbystep story, reassuring story, he'll learn he's growing up to be a very responsible puppy.

  • This humorous and helpful story is a fun way of approaching bedtime & sleeping alone jitters.
  • Motivates toddlers to overcome their fears of something everyone goes through.
  • Bright, colorful art and a charming puppy character appeal to both boys and girls.
  • This sturdy board book format makes it a perfect companion to bring to bed!


    Автор: Angela Sbandelli

    Иллюстратор: Clever Publishing

    ISBN: 978-1-951100-89-6

    Язык: English

    Страниц: 20

    Размер: 203*203

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