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Emotion. Clever Baby

Emotion. Clever Baby

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Возраст: 1-4

Серия: Clever Baby


This engaging, interactive book helps toddlers to identify shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, and more. Adorable animals, such as a piglet, mouse, fox, and more, are featured in a variety of situations to introduce readers to shapes. Prompts invite children to become part of the story; for example, when Mouse doesn’t want to eat her food, young readers are invited to help Mouse: “Rub her oval tummy and say: ‘I’m hungry!’” As an extension activity, children are invited to identify all of the shapes the see on the last spread.  


Автор: Clever

Иллюстратор: Natalia Vetrova

ISBN: 978-1-956560-70-1

Язык: English

Страниц: 14

Размер: 170x170x15

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Customer Reviews

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Shiri B
Excellent Service, Great Book

The book gives a great introduction to emotions and will help my little one develop a healthy EQ. I also had excellent customer service from the Clever Publishing team. Great experience overall, will order more books in the future.