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Twins Travel to the Triassic

Twins Travel to the Triassic

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Возраст: 5-8

Серия: Dinosaur Time Travel


Discover the land of dinosaurs! After uncovering a magical book, a brother and sister duo are whisked away, soon finding themselves walking among the dinosaurs. The dynamic duo have found themselves transported to the Triassic Era... over 250 million years ago!

  • This fantastical story introduces early readers to a variety of dinosaurs in the most entertaining way. Children will be swept away on this prehistoric adventure as they explore these colorful pages.
  • A glossary at the end of the story provides fascinating facts about favorite dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the Triassic Era.
  • The second book in the series, TWINS TRAVEL TO THE JURASSIC ERA, is a wonderful companion book, featuring different dinosaurs and facts.
  • Add them both to your child's home library!


Автор: Anastasiya Galkina

Иллюстратор: Ekaterina Ladatko

ISBN: 978-1-949998-25-2

Язык: English

Страниц: 48

Размер: 203*254

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