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Twins Travel to the Jurassic

Twins Travel to the Jurassic

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Возраст: 5-8

Серия: Dinosaur Time Travel


When a adventurous brother and sister duo discover a magical book, they are unexpectedly transported back in time to the Jurassic Era... that's 200 million years ago! The twins embark on an incredible and unforgettable journey, exploring with the Jurassic dinosaurs.

  • The colorful pages and accessible story invite children to learn in the most entertaining way.
  • A glossary at the end of the story provides fascinating facts about these prehistoric animals.
  • The first book in the series, TWINS TRAVEL TO THE TRIASSIC, is a wonderful companion book, featuring different dinosaurs and facts.
  • Add them both to your child's home library!


Автор: Anastasiya Galkina

Иллюстратор: Ekaterina Ladatko

ISBN: 978-1-949998-24-5

Язык: English

Страниц: 48

Размер: 203*254

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