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Marvelous Mazes

Marvelous Mazes

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Возраст: 3-6

Серия: Clever Mazes


Marvelous Mazes is filled with more than 25 simple mazes created for early puzzlers. The fullcolor pages feature different scenes and mazes, along with search and find activities to keep busy little minds engaged. From hopping glaciers while avoiding logs, to helping a monkey cross a crocodileinfested river, each maze provides entertaining, silly fun!

  • Marvelous Mazes combines mazes with Look and Find puzzles, providing hours of fun and learning!
  • Designed to promote logical thinking and sharpen handeye coordination.
  • Straightforward enough for children to complete on their own by learning through trial and error.


Автор: Inna Anikeeva

Иллюстратор: Inna Anikeeva

ISBN: 978-1-949998-21-4

Язык: English

Страниц: 32

Размер: 215*154

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