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Learn Colors

Learn Colors

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Возраст: 1-5

Серия: English Books


Learning colors has never been easier. This lift-the-flap book with rounded corners is a perfect gift for toddlers. Under every flap you'll find multiple images of the same color, plus one contrasting image. Helpful tips allow parents to teach their children to recognize and name colors, as well as answer challenging questions! The series is ideal for individual use at home and in a group. This brand new innovative series includes 4 books and helps preschoolers learn key basic concepts, colors, shapes and numbers. Each title in the series features different format - a fresh way for kids to explore new subjects.


Автор: Алексеева Юлия

Иллюстратор: Гуща Екатерина

ISBN: 978-1-948418-19-5

Язык: English

Страниц: 20

Размер: 165*168

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Всё отлично и бысто доставлено. Сын в восторге