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First 1000 Words

First 1000 Words

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Возраст: 3-8

Серия: Clever Big Encyclopedia


Packed with more than 1,000 illustrated words, this colorful first dictionary is a valuable tool that makes learning new words fun! Instead of presenting words in alphabetical order, this book organizes its words into four main concepts: colors, opposites, shapes, and numbers. This helps children retain what they're learning by presenting words in thematic groups and in context. With new topics on every page, along with riddles, games to play, and puzzles to solve, First 1000 Words is the perfect way for growing minds to engage and learn.

  • Every word has an illustration!
  • Includes activities for further engagement and learning opportunities
  • Collect the other book in the series: First 1000 Nature Words


    Автор: Clever Publishing


    ISBN: 978-1-949998-33-7

    Язык: English

    Страниц: 64

    Размер: 254*317

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