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Dinosaurs, Pandas & Pals Activity Book

Dinosaurs, Pandas & Pals Activity Book

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Возраст: 3-7

Серия: Clever Activity Book


Dinosaurs, Pandas, and Pals Activity Book is an educational, entertaining offering that provides hours of creative fun for little ones! The bright, fullcolor pages feature a variety of activities to keep busy minds engaged.

  • Children can follow mazes that feature prompts for problem solving along the way.
  • They can trace the path to the desired end, color in the pictures, use the color by number prompt to create a mystery picture, find the differences between two pictures, complete the drawings, connect the dots, learn to draw a simple picture, match the identical objects, find and circle objects, order the events, and much more.
  • Each activity also offers an opportunity for introducing core concepts, such as counting, colors, and animal and bug names.
  • The entertaining activities encourage children to develop problemsolving skills as well as strengthen handeye coordination as they handle writing instruments.


    Автор: Clever Publishing

    Иллюстратор: Ekaterina Gushcha

    ISBN: 978-1-951100-05-6

    Язык: English

    Страниц: 48

    Размер: 215*179

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