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Awesome, Terrible Day

Awesome, Terrible Day

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Возраст: 3-7

Серия: 2-in-1 Stories


Emotions are powerful, and learning how to manage them is a key life skill. A Terrible, Awesome Day is an innovative, twostoriesinone picture book that explores a single day in the life of a young dragon named Theo, but with two very different outcomes as a result of Theo's choices. Children follow along as Theo wakes up with a sunny attitude and ultimately has a happy day because of his decisions to approach each situation positively. Young readers can then flip the book over to read the story of Theo experiencing the same activities, but with very different outcomes, because he has chosen to have a negative attitude.

  • This engaging book will help children learn how to manage theiremotions, as well as understand that they have the power to make choices about how they feel.
  • They will see through Theo's actions that one's attitude can have a lasting impact on the events of the day.


    Автор: Anastasiya Galkina

    Иллюстратор: Ekaterina Ladatko

    ISBN: 978-1-954738-10-2

    Язык: English

    Страниц: 32

    Размер: 254*254

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