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Возраст: 0-3

Серия: Peek-a-boo


A perfect first book to introduce toddlers to animals that live in the pond, on a farm, underwater, in the trees, and at the beach. Bright, bold images with a glossy treatmentallow images to jump off the page, and the large flaps will keep toddlers entertained and engaged while encouraging the development of fine motor skills.

  • Each spread asks a simple question that is answered by flipping the flap open. Who hides on the beach under the sand? A crab!
  • More first concepts books in the Peekaboo series include First Words and Vehicles. Collect them all!


    Автор: Nick Ackland

    Иллюстратор: Martina Hogan

    ISBN: 978-1-949998-49-8

    Язык: English

    Страниц: 10

    Размер: 127*127

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